Oran Park

Oran Park is a new town centre and a new housing suburb on the fringes of Sydney not far from Camden.

Before this development the land was used for primary production and as a car racing site. Most of the new housing is two storey detached houses with their own front and back gardens but on smaller lots - the traditional suburban house. At the centre of the development is the town centre which will have a range of retail commercial and residential buildings.

One housing type that UrbanGrowth has been developing for sites like Oran Park is a new version of the traditional terrace house. These have become very popular at a certain price range as an alternative to the detached house.

Within the Oran Park town centre there will be a number of apartment buildings generally 4 to 6 storeys high with a small number at 8 storeys. So even in greenfield sites on Sydney’s fringe some buildings will be up to 8 storeys high.

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