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The Ponds by Australand & Landcom

Two storey development or lower has been the predominant housing type for Sydney for a long time.

Most of our low density suburbs have developed from the garden city concepts from England where a half city, half country character evolved. As families became smaller the need for large houses became less but Australia still has very large house sizes by world standards. The 2012 report on Australian Cities produced by the Federal Government indicates that the average Australian house is now 250 square metres while the average apartment size is almost half of this at 130 square metres (including town houses).

More dense models of two storey housing have developed over time including the more urban form of the terrace house with no setbacks to the side boundaries. Town houses have also been developed to provide more dense housing that retains its own identity with a small garden.

UrbanGrowth NSW under its previous name of Landcom have worked with many private sector developers to produce housing generally on the fringe of Sydney and as part of larger housing estates. The North West and South West Growth Areas are where a large amount of new greenfield housing will be built.


Oran Park by UrbanGrowth NSW and Greenfields Development Company

Thornton by UrbanGrowth NSW