This website demonstrates a range of housing density solutions to accommodate Sydney’s growing population so that communities can get a feel for the character and the amenities that come with different options.
Urban Density Simulator | Click here to simulate your eco city!

The Urban Taskforce has collated a number of case studies developed by our members for different locations around Sydney. To give some structure to the case studies we have selected 7 typical heights for residential buildings and called these R2, R4, R6, R8, R12, R25 and R35+. The R is for residential and the number indicates the number of storeys. Sydney will need all of these building types carefully located where they work best. The taller buildings will be near railway stations and city centres while the lower buildings will be in more suburban areas.

The Urban Density Simulator will enable you to see what the impact of increasing density is relative to heights and to see how more or less open space impacts on a precinct. The simulator will also tell you when an abstract model is similar to a real world example by one of our members and you can click through to a fly through and detailed information of an actual project.

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